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TFS Build Inspector adds a tool window to the Visual Studio 2010 Team Explorer for monitoring the status of build definitions and also for classifying the builds based on "code line" and other extended attributes like "Edition" or "platform" using a naming convention for build definitions.

Name, codeline, edition, platform, or any classification attribute are created based on separators in the build definition name. The default separator is the punctuation mark (.). user cannot change this separator in version 1.0


Download the VSIX extension from the download page here

Install it just by running the vsix file. 
(If you get any problems upgrading it, you can uninstall this extension from the visual studio menu Tools/Extension Manager.

Using it
When you start up Visual Studio, the TFS Build Inspector menu appears at Tools menu. and main toolbar


(If you want more, feel free to download and modify the source)

Build definitions Naming Convention
As mentioned above this works by having the names of your build definitions following a convention.
Start a build definition name using the Solution to build, then continue with codeline finally end it with the type of build.
Example: MyBuild, for two codeline Rls1 and Rls2 of type Standard and Professional




Fasterflect library is used, see, licensed as shown here

If you want to contribute, Send me a message and I'll add you!

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