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TFS Build Monitoring Problem
When you have several teams, several integrated projects, on different platforms, each of which has several builds in several code lines, for being continuously integrated, you should continuously monitor broken builds and follow them to become succeeded. So, in order to increase the productivity of monitoring builds, you need some facilities to resolve different requirements such as follows :

  • classifying the builds based on their team, code line, platform
  • monitoring the status of each build definition by:
    • verifying its latest build status
    • verifying if the underlying source codes of the build have been the latest codes
    • verifying if they are using the same build of their framework library
  • ordering, grouping, filtering the build definitions by some attributes like the code line, latest build status, underlying source code status, etc.
  • let you know when the information is outdated
  • integrated navigation with visual studio team explorer as the main tool of managing builds

the TFS Build Inspector is a client based solution and works with the Visual Studio 2010 Team Explorer and TFS2010.
- Embedding a tool window for monitoring the status of build definitions
- Classifying the builds based on "code line" and other extended attributes like "platform" using a naming convention for build definitions.
An add-in for Visual Studio Team Explorer that monitors the status of build definitions by its latest build, latest good build & underlying source code status.


Figure 1: tool window snapshot


Figure 2: context menu snapshot


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